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You Were Never My Friend

Yikes, what fallout.

Ever since the Facebook Fiasco, where Zuckerberg et. al. were lampooned for being cold, calculating . . . well, ordinary businesspeople . . . I have been observing the backlashes. God, they are fun to watch.

Looking back, I remembered how much I enjoyed the full-page ad in The New York Times on May 27 (a pivotal issue if there ever was) from MeWe, listed as a company with “no ads, no spyware.” Theirs is an open letter to Facebook.

They point out that, again and again, Zuckerberg looks despondent and again and again apologizes. The ad makes you wonder: What will Zuck apologize for next?

And just like the feel-good, family-centric print and TV ads run by fellow crimesters Wells Fargo bank, also known for ripping off its users, they Promise to Do Better. They Will Listen More Intently. They Have Clearer Consciences. Oh yes.

In the end, data collection and user-behavior collection makes the Facebook/Google world go round and round.

So understand this: Facebook and Google are public companies. They have shareholders. They need to stay profitable. That’s the cold, hard truth.

It is their Prime Central No. 1 Business Practice.

Zuck’s comments don’t make my laugh, at least not often. What makes me laugh:

AdWeek’s Morning Media Newsfeed on June 8 describes how a Facebook bug set 14 million users’ sharing settings to Public.

Oh no! How could this happen? My private information shared by everyone? Forsooth!

All I can say is: if you go to Google or Facebook and expect privacy, it’s like pissing out in the open and not expecting anyone to see your stream.

Anything posted digitally is public. Everything you do in Google world is captured, no matter what Zuck and the hordes promise. Get real, people, and get real fast.

Facebook, we are colleagues, not friends. I use you, you use me: It’s the state of the empire. You are as much as a friend as the auto technician I wave to when I pick up my car, before I get in the car and drive away. Actually, you are just another useful tool. Which is exactly what Facebook thinks of you and nothing else.


Actually, I read recently that since we build the content of those sites, THEY should pay US. OK, I will take check, cash or money order, Zuck.

Andrew M. Andrews