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Current Issue Number 74 Vol.19 No.3  February 2010

Muse & Reverie:

MUSE AND REVERIE, by Charles de Lint. TOR (, 2009, 350 pp., $25.99. ISBN 978-0-7653-1679-0

MUSE AND REVERIE collects 13 stories based in de Lint's Newford universe - the fifth since 1993.

These are my favorites:

•"Refinerytown" (from a limited edition chapbook published by Triskell Press, 2001). Comic artist Mona experiences the dreaded story block syndrome - until she encounters one of her own characters, Diesel, at a Refinerytown fair. Diesel helps her get the story and character relationships back on track.

•"Dark Eyes, Faith, and Devotion" (from MAGIC TAILS, 2005). Cab driver and ex-convict Billy Joe has turned from his former burglarizing ways and has restarted his life. But a stop at a Gracie Street bar yields him a new partner in crime (sort of), a woman by the name of Luisa Jaramillo. Luisa needs a favor from Billy Joe. She needs him to rescue her beloved cat from her ex-boyfriend. The boyfriend, she warns, has some extraordinary powers. But an ex-con and professional burglar always comes prepared for a heist. It's just that Billy Joe may not be prepared to understand what Luisa is all about.

•"Riding Shotgun" (from FLIGHTS, 2003). Marshall and Allessandra venture back to Marshall's childhood home, a farm which Marshall has just inherited. When visiting the place, he sees his beloved 1965 Chevy Impala - of which he still holds the key. When he checks out the car, he stumbles backward in time, to the scene of a drunken accident in which, originally, he killed his brother Billy. Is Marshall hallucinating? And when he meets up with a long-ago girlfriend by the name of Ginny Burns, whom he knows is dead - then what? Has history been somehow altered?

•"The Hour Before Dawn" (from THE HOUR BEFORE DAWN AND TWO OTHER STORIES FROM NEWFORD). Ina Bell, recently deceased, visits private detective Jack Daniels. Ina, another ghost with unfinished business, helps Jack come to grips with his own loss, his relationship with Ginger. Sometimes ghosts come not to help themselves, but to help others.

•"In Sight" (from MAIDEN, MATRON, CRONE). This is the story of two musicians who meet at the Casement Bar and who get to know each other, and how stereotypes can be pushed aside.

•"The World in a Box" (from a chapbook published by Triskell Press). A musician comes across a small box at the Antiques Market Mall. When opened, a small world floats in the center - and for the person that can see a world in a box, some wishes can come true. Having this kind of "magician's lamp" can prove to be good, or dangerous, depending on your perspective.

Andrew M. Andrews

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Boilerplate - Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett Swords From The Desert - Howard Andrew Jones Shades of Gray - Jasper Fforde Muse and Reverie - Charles de Lint Dinner at Mr. Jefferson's - Charles A. Cerami

The Raindrop's Adventure - Kimberly Kerr An Irish Country Christmas - Patrick Taylor Twilight Zone - Carol Serling Home For Christmas - Andrew M. Greeley Amelia Earhart - Lori Van Pelt

A Simple Christams - Mike Huckabee Puttering About in a Small Land - Philip K. Dick   Are You There - Jack Skillingstead The Fantasy Writer's Assistant - Jeffrey Ford


CYBERABAD DAYS, by Ian McDonald. Pyr/Prometheus (, 2009, 279 pp., $15.00. ISBN 978-1-59102-699-0

Seven stories in CYBERABAD DAYS are set in the year 2047 in India, including a Hugo Award winner and nominee.

THE THIRD SIGN, by Gregory A. Wilson. Five Star/Gale Cengage Learning (, 2009, 351 pp., $25.95. ISBN 978-1-59414-765-4

Calen Gollnet, resident of the country of Klune, watches as his world goes to war, as the peace made by the king and the arlics has become tenuous at best. But the armies are the least of his concern, as the Soul Wall appears. Prophecies are coming true - and what will the latest portend?

BY BLOOD WE LIVE, ed. by John Joseph Adams. Night Shade Books (, 2009, 485 pp., $15.95. ISBN 978-1-59780-156-0

There is a strange craving for these types of stories, felt by mostly teenage girls suddenly feeling the throngs of post-puberty. And there are plenty of authors to accommodate this strangeness, indeed.


THE SECRET HISTORY OF SCIENCE FICTION, ed. by James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel. Tachyon (, 2009, 381 pp., $14.95. ISBN 978-1-892391-93-3

I remember reading most of these SF classics when they were first published, with seminal work by Thomas M. Disch, Ursula K. LeGuin, Lucius Shepard, Connie Willis, Gene Wolfe, James Patrick Kelly, and many others.


THE VERY BEST OF FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION, 60th Anniversary Anthology, ed. by Gordon Van Gelder. Tachyon (, 2009, 475 pp., $15.95. ISBN 978-1-892391-91-9

Many of these I read collected in other anthologies, and some I read in the magazine itself. (I have subscribed to F&SF regularly from 1977-2007, and off and on since 2008.) Included are works by Ray Bradbury, Alfred Bester, Theodore Sturgeon, Kurt Vonnegut, Harlan Ellison, Damon Knight, Ursula K. LeGuin, Neil Gaiman, Ted Chiang, and others).

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