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Current Issue Number 88 Vol.31   April 2014
Whole Foods A World of Its Own:

Not so long ago I experienced that sudden religious feeling, an epiphany, about life, living, and of course, my favorite hobby, eating out.

We went to the Philadelphia Flower Show this year in early March (my 21st in a row). This time, we decided to have lunch on the way to the show at one of our favorite haunts, the Whole Foods grocery store in Devon, Pa.

We’ve been to several Whole Foods in the region, including North Wales, Pa.; south Philadelphia; and Baltimore. They’re good, but Devon is the best.


What else are you going to expect on the Main Line? A cold and hot foods buffet line to die for. Not “just food” but a healthy, innovative, mind-boggling buffet line. The best buffet line you are going to find anywhere. Period.

My wife and I swear each time we visit we will show restraint. Fat chance. They weigh your food selection at the checkout counter – you pay by the pound – and invariably we fill our container to the top - tipping the scales leading to a bill that hovers around $40-$50.

What used to be my home for about 30 years altogether (Lancaster County, Pa.) desperately needs a Whole Foods. My current hometown, Hershey, Pa. could use a Whole Foods. Every place with a significant size demographic could use a Whole Foods.

My mother-in-law often wonders why Debbie and I invest in organic foods and are obsessed with a whole food, green, organic, almost vegetarian (not vegan) lifestyle. 

Well, organic foods just taste better. Having spent years in the agriculture field, I can tell you they taste better because the growers are obsessed with the soil and plant conditions that exist through the produce lifecycle. They manage the propagation, production, and harvest of the plant to a T.

That recent Whole Foods excursion offered me some fantastic eggplant parmesan, beer-battered-dipped fish, great spinach and cheese combinations, along with chicken cacciatore and some wonderful fried-rice-and noodle combinations that were incredible. Not to mention the best-tasting fresh fruit and dessert samplings you can have anywhere. 

Whole Foods just takes food to a whole new level.

There, my only free commercial for Whole Foods. You can quote me!

Andrew M. Andrews

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Andrew M. Andrews

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