True Review
Current Issue Number 98 Vol.32 October 2016
Life in the oligarchy

Sometimes I spend time looking at the financial bloggers. Or I read MSN Money. Perhaps even Zero Hedge. It's all amazing to me.

Now the election year is upon us, it's a time to reflect, ladies and gentlemen, on what this country truly is, and what it isn't.

What it is: the best country, so far in the human universe, to live in.

What it isn't: a democracy.

With all the pomp and rhetoric about how an election year solidifies in stone the democratic progress, you have to realize one thing: without money, you can't do anything.

So with the money behind the candidates, it often seems those with the best bank account should come out on top.

When in truth, the lobbyists are well funded by the special interests and those interests want to protect their own.

It's the nature of our true universe: the oligarchy.

That is, rule with money.

The very sad thing about living in the oligarchy is that money, in the end, becomes all that matters. You want to believe otherwise; but there is no evidence of it. And the older I get, the less I see contradicting the notion that the U.S. of Oligarchy is going to change.

Maybe that is the inevitable conclusion to democracy: eventual rule by money.

Makes me wonder.

Andrew M. Andrews


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