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by Jane Yolen

Tachyon Publications LLC
2023, 239 pages

ISBN 978-1-61696-386-6

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This SCARLET CIRCUS author collection centers on dark romance.

These tales round out the author collection:

“Sans Soleil.” This is a story about a prince, Sans Soleil (meaning “without sun”) whose “beauty would outshine the sun,” but whose fate is tied to staying inside, away from the deadly rays of the sun. But one maiden who falls in love with him makes Sans Soleil stumble. Will the prince fall prey to the dangerous sun’s rays?

“Dragonfield.” A small, isolated village is the home of witnesses to an actual dragon. Can someone step in to slay the dangerous creature?

“The Sea Man.” In 1663, sailors of the Water Nix encounter a half-human, half-fish and capture it, to satisfy their curiosity. However, it is not a mermaid but a merman.

“Memoirs of a Bottle in Djinn.” Another warning to be careful what you wish for when you stumble upon a djinn.

There are always original poems bundled with a Yolen collection. Her memory and recollection of how these poems were created are eye-opening. Yolen is America’s Hans Christian Anderson.