On second thought, don’t bet on it

The Associated Press recently informed us that Pennsylvania is now No. 1 for gambling income, to the tune of more than $3 billion in revenue each year. Bigger than Nevada. Three billion!

And now Sportsbook is at some local casino. Another casino may be going up in Morgantown, Pennsylvania.

When I was in jury duty a couple of decades ago, a running comment from the jurists was that if you went to a casino and won $100,000 instantly, do you really, really think they would simply allow you to walk away with it? Really?

In an earlier True Review editorial, called “Atlantic City Smile,” I recounted an overnight stay in the city. I wrote that when I tour the casinos, I watch people at the tables and slots. It's like watching a bunch of robots: they are mechanistic in their behavior, droll, without emotion: nobody is smiling. Nobody is happy losing that stack of $50 chips. I saw one man (20 years ago!) lose about $1,000 at a swoop.

By the way, I didn’t see any supermodel hanging on his arm, either.

I am amused by the folks who fork over their money to the ultra-rich owners of these places.

Of course, I didn’t bet a dime. Not a single table. Not a single slot.

I would be happier throwing my money out the window for at least some people to enjoy.

Will the casino industry go away?

Don’t bet on it.