The Is Have It

I keep thinking of the vaccine.

A couple of times, in late March and early April of 2021, I signed up before it was my time to have the COVID-19 vaccine. I was anxious to get rid of this murderer; it murdered everything we loved about life, including going to the movies, seeing our family members, going to a store without a choking mask, and it murdered many of us. It came damned close to murdering a first cousin of mine. She was unvaccinated.

At last, in April, I was eligible to receive a shot. I received the first dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech shot on April 27. My second dose was administered May 18.

Hallelujah! I exclaimed. This is the day the Lord hath made: Let us rejoice in it.

My second vaccine dose was May 18: Glory be to God! The end of the pandemic had to be near, with everybody lining up. We were ending a horrific era. Thank God!

But not so fast. We didn’t count on the ornery, the people who fight the status-quo, who just want to run a gauntlet against anything established, motivated by political bias, who believe in endless conspiracies and favor reckless one-upmanship over any common sense, who just want to believe what they want to believe: the bloody feckless antivaxxers.

I received a third shot, a booster on Nov. 26, at about the start of the omicron variant scare.

I saw toxic selfishness and self-satisfaction in dramatic action. A got-mine, who-gives-a-crap-about-anybody-else, cavalier, devil-may-care attitude. Their thinking: my freedoms are far more important than yours, or YOU.

So we live under the tyranny of idiots. They are dragging this pandemic out, for heaven knows how long.

We are in hell and nor are we out of it. Those who refuse the vaccine for whatever lame or stupid reasoning they have (forgiving, of course, those with a formal doctor’s excuse, that being the ONLY excuse): well, this hell goes on. Thanks for hell. May you antivaxxers rot in it.