by Aldous Huxley
adapted and illustrated by Fred Fordham

2022, 236 pages, $24.99

ISBN 978-0-06-305525-4

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Illustrator Fred Fordham’s interpretation of the 1932 novel by Aldous Huxley brings the very British-like futurist vision of this strange utopia via tyranny into close focus: a culture beaten by economic hardship, death and destruction by a world war, and the frivolous pursuit of power that finds this “utopia” in genetic uniformity using mind-numbing drugs (Soma).

Like George Orwell’s 1984 novel, BRAVE NEW WORLD rewrites history by programming the youth — literally, programming since birth — and the evil brought by John the Savage. However, the Savage is trying to find true life, not the plastic, placid, predictable world in this so-called utopia created for a fixation on automated mass consumption.