ed. by Jason Henderson and In Churl Yo

Castle Bridge Media
2023, 241 pages, $14.99

ISBN 979-8-9872083-6-6

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CASTLE Vol. 10 is an engaging but not so frightening collection of modern horror stories.

I enjoyed these:

“What Happens In Blue Dairy” by P.J. Hoover. Scarlette, who lives in an enclosed and gated world, a town by the name of Blue Dairy, Texas, can be defiant and rebellious. So Papa wants to teach her a lesson. But Papa underestimates her resolve to leave Blue Dairy, with terrifying results.

“Act of God” by Heath W. Shelby. Grubbs, Arkansas, is the site of a deadly but highly unusual tornado that seems to have a mind of its own, striking victims at will. Only a gunslinger can rid the town of the devil itself.

“The Luck of Big Red” by Will McDermott. Big Red is a rabbit who encounters a rabbit’s foot with unbelievable powers. He can talk and dance. That works on the vaudeville circuit for a time. Sadly, things go awry for Big Red.

“Break Your Mommy’s Bones” by Katy de Becerra. Ophelia is a youngster with lots of toys. But her mom seems dangerously unaware of the demonic language of the children’s TV show, “Lil’ Twigglies.”