CASTLE OF HORROR ANTHOLOGY, Vol. 8: Thinly Veiled: the 80s

ed. by Jason Henderson and In Churl Yo

Castle Bridge Media
2022, 217 pages, $2.99

ISBN 979-8-9859702-3-4

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There are some memorable tales in this eighth volume of CASTLE OF HORROR:

“The Shadow Over Waikiki” by Charles R. Rutledge. Portsmouth, Massachusetts becomes Oahu, Hawaii, in 1987 for investigator Amos Morgan, who is examining the gruesome death by disembowelment of a woman. The creatures he encounters while Morgan is taken prisoner, however, are not immortal, and possess fatal flaws

“The Dead Die Hard” by In Churl Yo. What if, in the 1988 film, “Die Hard,” the terrorists who occupy and take hostages in the Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles were not trying to steal bearer bonds but a weaponized virus that infects people and turns them into zombies? What does hero John McClane need to do to stop a worldwide catastrophe?

“Guests for Dinner” by Henry Herz. This is a simple tale of love between a woman and a vampire, with a vampire hunter hot on his tail.

“HELL Copter” by Jim Towns. A rescue operation in a military Special Forces helicopter could be compromised when the pilot is a werewolf and time slips away.

“Novelty” by Will McDermott. While sorting through a box of his father’s items, Brad finds a multicolored ball of plastic strings that has an inner core housing miniature “pilots.” The contents are flashing and beeping. Is it an alien spaceship? A weapon?

“Late Night Reruns” by Bryan Young. His father assaults a boy, Michael, too many times. The television activates by itself and an old British actor and director appears to introduce the tuned-in “ladies and gentlemen” to the assaulted boy, who will learn to grasp an opportunity to exact revenge.

“Do Androids Dream?” by Rob Nisbet. A sequel to the 1982 film, “Blade Runner,” reveals to us that the blade runner protagonist, Decker, is indeed a replicant himself, a Nexus 10 model. He is so advanced that his body parts can be reused. Meanwhile, Decker still believes there is humanity alive in him when he is involved in an Offworld battle.

“Life Form: A Return to Fouke” by Heath W. Shelby. The Hodges family takes an anniversary trip to the site of the family mom, Jessica’s, favorite film, “The Legend of Boggy Creek,” to Fouke, Arkansas. There is a Bigfoot creature in the film that Jessica is convinced is real. Is the creature a secret government project? What could it be?

“Floodwater” by Jason Henderson. Landover Academy students Claire and Molly are caught in a deluge and, soon, a major catastrophic flood, all the while being hunted by a decades-old serial killer. Can they evade both the killer and the dangerously rising water?