curated by Charles Barouch

Fantastic Books
2022, 126 pages, $13.99

ISBN 978-1-5154-4796-2

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This anthology spells it out in the very title. Here are my favorites: “Deer Woman” by B.J. Thrower. A creature from the largest lake in Oklahoma can read a man’s violent thoughts against someone he holds dear. No, it’s not his girlfriend, but his truck. He has to plead with the lake creature for his life. Is it a case of mistaken objects? “Escaping the City” by Charles Barouch. A man’s friend, Mike, exits a lodge, where he knows the moon landings were all “fake,” a ruse to prepare for a greater evil. Is Mike simply nuts? Or are there much darker forces at work in Mike’s reality? “Muskrat, Hunter” by Eric Avedissian. A creature, a white, leggy one, a shambling thing, attacks Damien “Muskrat” Temper and Hank. At the Legion, they tell their tale of what they call the Nightcrawler, and find out that, indeed, many people are also fighting the invading aliens. “Uphill All the Way” by Holly Schofield. A forest harvesting and replenishing expert encounters a green-obsessed Bigfoot.