by A. Lopez Jr.

2023, 359 pages, $10.99

ISBN 9-798-39326-083-5

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A. Lopez Jr. “Junior” is writing a biography of Camila, who wants Junior to tell her story, and prove if her mom is either crazy or possessed by a demon. Camila tells Junior her secrets and recounts the horrors of loss in a house in which a boy, dead in a fire, lived in her home before it burned down and was rebuilt by hand by her father. Is the demon who is messaging her mother that of the boy? With the help of Catholic exorcists, there is success, but the demon soon latches on to Camila herself. What can Junior do, beside take notes and help assure Camila and her family that they will be OK? Can Junior protect himself from a traveling demon? This novel has a lot to say about coping correctly with loss, despair, depression, mental illness and suicide. There’s a LOT to be frightened about.