by Jo Walton

2019, 382 pages, $25.99

ISBN 978-0-76537-906-1

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Young Girolamo Savanarola can see, dispel and conquer demons, wherever they may appear late in the 15th century in his beloved Florence, Italy, in Jo Walton’s LENT. The brother is learning to be a devoted, dedicated, loving man of God.

But wherever he seems to venture, Girolamo has to deal with the creatures of evil.

But his life, already filled with mystery, becomes even more complex and hard to comprehend, even for his educated mind, when he finds out the reason he can expel the monsters is he, himself, may be that very monster. So is his life set in some type of hell or, better yet, a cleansing in purgatory? Is late 15th-century Italy a testing ground? Is the devoted brother subject to God’s test?

LENT has plenty of colorful figures that will work into this playful, sometimes dark, tale.