My Sister The Serial Killer

by Oyinkan Braithwaite

Doubleday (
2018, 227 pages, $22.95

ISBN 978-0-385-54423-8

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At times, MY SISTER feels like something forged way off the path: pieced together with a dark humor, portions that feel tongue-in-cheek, moments as a reader that you feel some time of lack of benevolence, at best or an evil, brooding atmosphere, at worst.

Ayoola, in the eyes of her sister Korede, has always been the more-gifted sibling, but even more so, she’s a murderer. This time, it’s victim No. 3. Korede must help Ayoola cover it up and hide any evidence. What dastardly circumstances are leading Ayoola to commit the crime? What forces of evil does Ayoola have to fend off? Is she a victim of violence and is simply trying to protect herself, or is something even more sinister in play?

And how much does Korede have to do to protect her own life?

MY SISTER is an easy read. I think what proves difficult for me to highly recommend it is that it wanders and wanders: by page 74, I wanted to stop, thinking, what is the purpose of this story? Is it a satire on mundane living? On the unspoken and downright strange loyalties of siblings? Or of the numbing terror of living in a violent world?

I just don’t know. MY SISTER doesn’t leave me much to grasp.