by Joe R. Lansdale

Mulholland Books
2022, 293 pages, $28

ISBN 978-0-316-54068-1

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Charlie Garner, brain tumor survivor and crime novel author, is trying to locate his divorced wife, Meg, last seen waiting at a renowned and suspect donut shop operated by a cult, the Saucer People. A buried UFO was apparently found, and people who join the cult believe the end days are near. Charlie still has affection for Meg, even though she and her new boyfriend are apparently moving. Charlie breaks into her home, with his brother, and sees packed boxes everywhere, ready to move. But there are no signs of Meg and her boyfriend. What happened to them?

Charlie signs up with his brother and a crack crime journalist, both of whom are writing a book about the cult. Others join Charlie’s quest to discover the truth: was Meg kidnapped by cult leaders? If so, where are they hiding her?

As usual, the characters are world-worn and snarky, even borderline cruel. But any tale that involves a dangerous feral chimpanzee by an East Texas writer can’t be all that bad.