by Jason Fung

Greystone Books
2016, 320 pages, $18.95

ISBN 978-1-77164-125-8

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Practically everything — and I mean EVERYTHING — in the popular press that we think we know or find to be accepted knowledge about weight gain or loss is flat-out inaccurate.

How inaccurate?

Jason Fung, nephrologist and founder of the Intensive Dietary Management Program, which provides unique treatment for Type 2 diabetes and obesity, dispels these myths:

·      Ordinary calories just need to be reduced to ensure weight loss.

·      Fat is fattening.

·      It’s OK to eat simple carbohydrates.

·      Sugar is OK for you to eat in small-enough quantities.

·      Exercise is all you need for weight loss.

·      Eating multiple times a day is best for your dietary regimen.

·      Fasting is wrong, even hurtful, when dieting.

What is the biggest culprit with weight-loss programs? Fung believes it is sugar. Sugar is the No. 1 evil. That means ANY sugar, including all sugar substitutes such as Stevia or monkfruit. Why? Because ingesting any type of sugar into the body creates an insulin response. Those rising insulin levels makes the body store fat. Fung shows how and why in this eye-opening book.

Using his guidance, and suggested diets here, I lost 40 pounds. He is correct in his assessments. Follow Fung’s findings in THE OBESITY CODE.