ed. by Andrew Blauner

Library of America
2019, 352 pages, $24.95

ISBN 978-1-59853-616-4

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A four-panel comic strip that purports to be about children and a dog, but in reality is about the existential and complicated lives of people, is what PEANUTS is all about. Essayists, comix artists and historians contribute their own heartfelt tributes to the work of Charles Schulz in THE PEANUTS PAPERS. “Peanuts” could very well be the most published comic strip ever, with all the featured TV movies and specials it inspired. There are contributions about the whole “Peanuts” gang, a recounting of their small joys, heartbreaking frustrations and attempts to cope with their fates. All except for Snoopy the beagle, who lives on a crazy, imaginative and ultrapositive plane of existence that he singularly imagines.