The Reducetarian Cookbook

ed. by Brian Kateman and
recipes by Pat Crocker

Center Street/Hachette Book Group
2018, 231 pages, $21.99

ISBN 978-1-5460-8277-4

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Not Keto, not even Dr. Oz-like, THE REDUCITARIAN COOKBOOK simply provides a lot of alternatives to your ongoing, steady, consistent meals of meatballs and mac and cheese. Editor Brian Kateman, from the beginning, addresses the condition called “SAD,” short for the Standard American Diet.

The problem with an American diet is that people want easy food, stuff that doesn’t require a lot of preparation and planning.

But the COOKBOOK has 125 plant-based recipes, and not all of them are necessarily low-calorie or fat-free, so you are warned.

On page 4, the reducetarian lifestyle is defined. As explained by the author, it includes vegans (no animal products) and vegetarians (no meat) as well as flexitarians and semi-vegetarians (a tiny bit of meat) and anyone else who is reducing the amount of animal products in his or her diet.

The COOKBOOK focuses more on those who demand more plant-based foods in their diet. Ultimately, by following this nutritional prescription, it could make huge differences “in their health and in the world,” wrote Kateman.