by H.G. Wells
illustrated by Ale + Ale

Rockport/Hachette Book Group
2019, 208 pages, $30

ISBN 978-1-63159-728-2

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In this coffee-table-sized, lovingly reproduced version of H.G. Wells’ immortal 1895 classic novella, THE TIME MACHINE: An Invention, illustrators Ale + Ale bring some mesmerizing and enchanting visions of the narrative of the time traveler.

The book reproduces, intact, the entirety of the SF classic.

I loved the illustration of the year 802,000 from Page 52, the wide-eyed children in their aboveground paradise, along with Weena, the girl who accompanies the traveler on his adventures. That’s my favorite.

Italian illustrators Alessandro Lecis and Alessandra Panzeri do such a great job, even from Pages 172 and beyond, as the traveler goes far, far into mankind’s uncertain future and then returns to tell the tale.