ed. by Jonathan Strahan

The MIT Press
2022, 223 pages, $19.95

ISBN 978-0-262-54443-6

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The anthology, TOMORROW’S PARTIES, is about life in the drastic climate-change of what they currently call “the Anthropocene.” Interesting indeed. Here are my favorites: “Drone Pirates of Silicon Valley” by Meg Elison. A man and his son are doing just that: observing the flight path of drones and snatching them out of the sky. You just know this criminal behavior is inevitable. “Once Upon a Future In the West” by Daryl Gregory. A place where the air is so bad you can’t venture, unprotected, outside . . . where health care is only a “remote” option . . . and where islands of plastic and other junk are turned into habitable islands . . . then it sounds as if this may all happen to the Anthropocene soon, actually. Not to mention a deep-fake about a famous actor-turned-cannibal.