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Special Time Magazine Edition

2021, 96 pages, $14.99

UPC 0070989106772

This special magazine edition has some astonishing information about sugar: what it does, why we become addicted to it and what it means for the explosion in diabetes. Nothing explains the dangers and disgust with sugar any better than THE SCIENCE OF SUGAR: from a photo of a boy who is grimacing on Page 60, who stands next to packs of processed sugar, stacked higher than the boy, illustrating yearly consumption for a kid that age. That’s 50 pounds of processed sugar, what a typical 4- to 8-year-old child eats in a year. That’s 60 or so grams of sugar a day. Yikes! And we wonder why diabetes has become a national health emergency.

There are illustrations of old magazine ads, mostly from sugar manufacturers, that cite sugar as a health-inducer, which prove cringe-worthy and play with dangerous misinformation. These messages were created by sugar lobbyist organizations, a lot of it misleading.

In the end, how do we learn to break the obvious addiction? The book has many suggestions.