BLADE RUNNER 2049: The Storyboards

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commentary by Sam Hudecki and Darryl Henley

Titan Books
2021, 224 pages, $50

ISBN 978-1-78909-587-6

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An artist’s vision may be everything.

When creating mood, the purpose, framework, totality of the movie empire called “Bladerunner” takes time and talent, not to mention a certain amount of creative fortitude — something Hudecki and Henley do in ways both large and small in BLADE RUNNER 2049: The Storyboards.

The storyboards are extensive maps to set the milieus, stage, scenes, a black and white skeleton of the mood and soul of the film. Even though they are cast by charcoal or simply black ink, they provide emotional color to the story.

Storyboards is a great coffee-table book that recalls the two films in the series.

The book takes me back to June 1982, when I visited a theater in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, to watch (opening weekend) of the film, “Bladerunner,” spending an afternoon that was unique and enthralling, watching a world so convincing and hauntingly real. And it was a literal translation of the work of Philip K. Dick, strong in rendition and everlasting in delivery.